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Summative Assessment-II (Class VI, VII, VIII)

Dear Parents (Class VI, VII, VIII),
The Summative Assessment – I (class VI to VIII) for the academic session 2022 – 23, is commencing from February 22,2023.
We are giving below few pointers for your kind perusal.


Date Class-VI Class-VII Class-VIII
February 20,2023 ME & GK ME & GK ME & GK
February 21,2023 Art& Craft:Music Art& Craft:Music Art& Craft:Music
February 22,2023 Science Social Science Hindi
February 23,2023 Examination Preparatory Break
February 24,2023 Mathematics Science Science
February 25-26,2023 Examination Preparatory Break
February 27,2023 Social Science Mathematics Sanskrit
February 28,2023 Examination Preparatory Break
March 1,2023 Hindi Computer Mathematics
March 2,2023 Examination Preparatory Break
March 3,2023 Sanskrit English Computer
March 4,2023 Computer Sanskrit English
March 5,2023 Examination Preparatory Break
March 6,2023 , 2022 English Hindi Social Science
  1. This examination is concluding term assessment/ highest accumulation and school needs to maintain proper records as per CBSE directives.
    Hence, this examination is linked with ‘Admit Card’. Please collect your child admit card from school office as per your convenience.

    Note: Last date for collection of Admit Card is February 10, 2023.

  2. Maximum Marks & Time Duration:
    Class VI – VIII: 80 Marks (3 Hour)
  3. Marking Scheme: Class VI – VIII:

    10 Questions x 2 Marks each = 20 Marks

    10 Questions x 3 Marks each = 30 Marks

    5 Questions x 4 Marks each = 20 Marks

    2 Questions x 5 Marks each = 10 Marks

    Language subject paper(English/Hindi) will have three sections – Comprehension Section(20 Marks); Writing & Grammar Section(30 Marks); Literature Section(30 Marks).

  4. Time Schedule during examination :
    School Timings: 9 am to 1.30 pm
  5. Syllabus of this examination is attached for your read-through.
  6. Pay your child fees to avoid inconvenience.

    Note: For queries contact class teacher/ school office.

  7. Update your whatsapp number in school office records.
    Please refer school almanac for assessment scheme and supplementary details.

    I/C Examination

    Dated: January 28, 2023