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Mylestone is school core curriculum from the house of S. Chand Group. Having seven decades of experience in education, they have worked closely with the school leaders, mentors, teachers, and students at various levels. They are working with the finest authors like Lakhmir Singh, Manjeet Kaur, R S Agarwal etc. and implementing quality content in schools. They strive to provide great quality educational tools for every step of the teaching-learning process. Their content has been designed keeping in the mind the importance of experiential and real-life learning.

Silent Features:
• Improvement in teaching skills leading to better learning outcomes.
• Well researched lesson plans & assessments to deliver quality learning while saving time.
• Ease in designing question papers through E-Test generator & in-class support through mapped digital content.

The Mylestone program is transacted through I DO, WE DO, YOU DO methodology. In I DO, the teacher demonstrates or explains a concept. In WE DO, the teacher assists the students in understanding the concept and doing exercises. In YOU DO, the teacher gives opportunity to the students to attempt independently.

S. Chand is the largest and oldest education service enterprise in India.