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Inter House Competiton(May2023)

SEI is committed for assisting students discover and develops their passion. An idealistic school education provides more than just classroom teaching.SEI is dedicated for encourage students to take part in sport and co-scholastic activities which will stimulate and connect them with personality development-buoyancy, resilience, teamwork, and strength of character.
Inter House Competitions give students’ the chance to cope with nerves through practice and guided preparation. students’ also feel empowered through holding an audience’s attention and provoking a desired reaction.
Co-Curricular Activities of the Month:
1.Hindi Solo Singing Competition (Sub-Junior,Junior,Senior) Date:–May 10,2023 (Wednesday)
2.Hindi English Debate (Sub-Junior,Junior,Senior) Date:–May 12,2023 (Wednesday)
Sports Competitions:
1.Tennikoit Tournament (Sub-Junior) Date:–May 8-11,2023.
2.Tennis Table Tournament (Junior,Senior) Date:–May 8-11,2023.
May 1,2023