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Singhania Educational Institute was founded in 2008 and is one of the most disciplined educational institution of Sitapur. The school has always maintained an excellent standard of holistic education and co-curricular activities for its students.SEI was founded under the direction of Shri. Om Prakash Singhania and blessings of our Patron Chief Shri. Bharat Tripathi. 


The school library is integral to the teaching and learning process. There is a well-equipped library with an extensive range of comics, original novels, reference books, newspapers, current-affairs magazines,and periodicals.

SEI has mandatory for student’s right from Play group to Class XII to visit the Library twice a week to enhance the skill of reading.


To be able to communicate well is the order of the day; The English Language Laboratory is an initiative to enhance the four basic language skills namely listening, speaking reading and writing. The listening and speaking skills are practiced here intensively. Communication involves one’s ability to listen carefully, so as to grasp the meaning and to respond in turn, with apt words and clarity of pronunciation. It is here, the Language lab plays an important role in the language learning process.


Computer Technology is an important aspect of career building in future. Computer Education forms an integral part of the syllabus for all classes from Nursery to X and comes as an optional subject for students in class XI AND XII. The computer lab is equipped with the latest software and hardware to enrich the skills of students, who are techno savvy.


The ultramodern Science Laboratories for Physics, provide a platform for students to nurture the budding scientist within them in the field of physics stream. The laboratory is well equipped with the entire latest instrument, used in practical teaching. It helps the children to understand the various aspect of physics based concept thru practical.


Science Laboratories are equipped with the latest real-life learning experience. Adequate safety equipment has been installed in all the laboratories. Laboratory helps the children to understand the about the properties and characteristic of various chemicals available in nature. Not only this, children will understand and able to co-relate and use the knowledge in the real life examples.


Biology is an important scientific stream to learn about the nature in scientific way. Biology lab is equipped with all the instrument and model for effectiv learning and understanding the existence of life on the earth. It shapes the children mind to analyze life factors within the limitation of biology stream.


Smart class empowers teachers with technology right inside the classroom and helps them to teach their curriculum topics more effectively. The classrooms turn into lively learning platforms for students and the teachers can choose from a mix of teaching tools such as the traditional chalk and blackboard coupled with graphics, sound, animations, and videos.

MAPLE HALL (Auditorium)

SEI Introduced an Auditorium for their students. Auditorium is build from Maple wood and known as Maple Hall. Auditorium of SEI has the facility to conduct the SEI competition, events, Ceremonies and two badminton court and Table Tennis facility to provide an favorable environment of learning and celebrating.


Singhania Educational Institute has a well managed playground for their children to enjoy and learn the skills of the various sports and games. Playground has the Vollyball, Throwball court, Basketball court, Handball, Soccer, Kabaddi, Kho Kho and Hockey court also. Inter House Sports competition conducted in this ground every month between the various House’s students