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SEI just had the most amazing prize distribution ceremony for the months of April & May in various Co-curricular and sports competitions! 🎉🏆
It was all about celebrating the incredible talents of our students, and guess what? The parents were there too, making it even more special and graceful! 💫👪 The energy was off the charts, and the winners were showered with love and applause. 🙌🏽✨ Such a proud moment for everyone involved! Let’s keep inspiring and cheering on these young stars! 🌟


Big congratulations to the incredible class XII students of Singhania Educational Institute for their outstanding performance in the CBSE 2024-25 exams! 🌟
Their hard work, dedication, and perseverance have truly paid off. 🏆 We couldn’t be prouder of their achievements and the bright future that awaits them. Keep reaching for the stars, superstars! 💫


Students of Pre-primary got to experience the thrill of a Rain Dance Party, and it was a splashing good time at Tarantal, Sitapur!
The day was filled with exciting activities and classic games like Passing the Parcel, where everyone anxiously waited for the music to stop to see who would be the lucky winner! They also had a great time trying their hand at Throw the Balls in the Bucket, testing their aim and coordination. And let’s not forget about Balling Pins, a game that had everyone cheering and celebrating strikes!
To keep their energy levels up, the students were treated to delicious snacks and refreshing refreshments. Yummy treats and cool drinks were the perfect way to recharge and keep the fun going throughout the day.
The students of Pre-primary had a fantastic time at Tarantal, creating memories that will last a lifetime.
Here are some glimpses of this event


The little champs from standard II & III had a blast as they headed to Tarantal, Sitapur for a super fun pool party!
With their swimsuits on and excitement in the air, the students splashed around in the cool waters, creating memories that will last a lifetime. The joy & laughter echoed throughout the day as they enjoyed various pool games and activities.
It was a perfect opportunity for the kids to unwind, bond with their friends, and experience the sheer joy of being in the water. The pool party not only brought smiles to theIr faces but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among the students.
The pool party was a delightful way to create cherished memories and provide a refreshing break for the students
Here are some glimpses of this event


Singhania Educational Institute organised a special career counselling session on April 25, 2024, for the students of class IX & X The main aim of this session was to help students make well-informed decisions about the stream selection in class XI and equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.
Here are some glimpses of this informational event


A day filled with tradition, talent, and triumph as SEI honored its journey of 15 years of excellence. From the serene Lamp Lighting Ceremony to the invigoratingwelcomeesongg, every moment echoed our commitment to holistic education.
We were thrilled to welcome esteemed guests, pay homage to Ganesh Stuti, and showcase our values through performances like “Bacche man ke sache” and “Welcome to the Jungle,” advocating for animal conservation.
As we reflected on our achievements, we proudly announced the recipients of prestigious awards:
Chairman Award: Ruby House
Vice Chairman Award: Krishna Dixit IX A (Emerald House) &
Principal Award: Soumya Shukla IV A (Topaz House)
The day was adorned with cultural showcases like “Kathak live Presentation” and the nostalgic melodies of “Teri Hai Zami.” Plus, everyone witnessed the Investiture ceremony, where student leaders took the helm.
Everyone got unified in gratitude with the Vote of Thanks, and the event concluded with the soul-stirring National Anthem. Here’s to another year of excellence!

Lets take a quick glance.


Our amazing students from classes VII and VIII on 24 April 2024 embarked on an incredible educational trip to the Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Sitapur!
This trip was an incredible opportunity for our young learners to explore the fascinating world of agriculture and gain hands-on experience in this vital field. They got to witness the latest farming techniques, learn about crop cultivation, and even interact with experts who shared their knowledge and insights.
By visiting the Krishi Vigyan Kendra, our students were able to deepen their understanding of the importance of agriculture in our lives and the role it plays in our community. It was a fun-filled day of learning, discovery, and appreciation for the hard work of our farmers.
Let’s continue to inspire and nurture our young minds!

Lets take a quick glance.


Singhania Educational Institute held its School Council elections on April 16, 2024. This annual democratic event witnessed enthusiastic participation as students vied for the coveted positions of Head Boy, Head Girl, Sports Captains, House Captains, House Prefects and Class Representatives.
The Maple Hall buzzed with anticipation as candidates presented their manifestos, promising to lead with integrity, empathy, and dedication.

Lets take a quick glance.


To our returning students, welcome back! Your resilience inspires us every day. To our new students, buckle up—it’s going to be an exhilarating ride for the session 2024–25!
As the sun rises on a new academic year, we extend our warmest greetings to each one of you. The corridors echo with anticipation, the classrooms await your laughter, and the campus buzzes with the promise of discovery and growth.
SEI, where dreams take flight and futures are forged.

Lets take a quick glance.

SEI’s 1st Ever Alumni Meet (March-2024)

SEI’s 1st Ever Alumni Meet: Uniting Memories, Restoring Bonds
Last evening’s Alumni meet at Singhania Educational Institute was truly a celebration of 15 years of legacy! The event kicked off with the ‘Lighting of the Lamp’ by the honourable Principal sir, and the first batch, Head Boy – Mr. Shashank Awasthi, followed by the warm welcome by the Principal’s speech, set the tone for the evening.
The talk show, hosted by Mr. R. P. Singh and Ms. Seema Mishra, centered around the theme ‘SEI’s impact on my life,’ where alumni interacted and shared their experiences. The chat show, hosted by Ms. Vandana Pandey and Ms. Sheeba Parveen, took everyone down memory lane, recalling school days filled with emotions and reminiscing about classes, teachers, and the fun they had.
A thought-provoking Ted Talk show hosted by Ms. Isha Shukla, where alumni shared their life experiences and valuable learnings.

Lets take a quick glance.


Valediction Vibes: A Farewell Fiesta to Remember”

As the academic year gracefully bows out, SEI took center stage in orchestrating a memorable farewell for its cherished students and bids adieu to its students with pride, knowing that they are well-equipped to embark on their next adventures.The “Hasta La Vista” theme adds a touch of glamour to this milestone, ensuring that the students exits the stage with the grace and excitement.
To the Class of 2023, may your journey beyond the halls be as remarkable as the memories you’ve created within them.

Lets take a quick glance.


Embracing the colors of patriotism at SEI

The vibrant spirit of patriotism filled the air as SEI celebrated Republic Day with great fervor and enthusiasm on January 26, 2024.The day instilled a sense of pride and love for the nation among the students while commemorating the adoption of the Indian Constitution. The day left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of students and served as a powerful reminder of the responsibility each individual holds in shaping the destiny of our great nation.

Lets take a quick glance.



‘A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t. ‘

What an exhilarating day it has been at SINGHANIA EDUCATIONAL Institute Annual Sports Day ‘UDYATAM’. The school grounds were transformed into an arena of skill, teamwork, and pure athleticism. Congratulations to the champions, and a huge shoutout to all our young athletes who gave their best, showing us that passion and effort truly make winners. We witnessed remarkable performances, both on and off the field, creating memories that will be cherished for years to come.

The Annual Sports Meet was a vibrant display of athleticism and team spirit. Students from class 5th to 12th displayed impressive performances in various track and field competitions, showcasing their dedication and teamwork. The event concluded with a prize distribution ceremony, recognizing outstanding performances and sportsmanship. After intense competition, Ruby House emerged as the overall winner, showcasing commendable teamwork and skill.

Lets take a quick glance.

Christmas Day Celebration at S.E.I (December-2023)

A Joyous Christmas Celebration at SEI

The halls of Singhania Educational Institute echoed with laughter, warmth, and the spirit of Christmas as students and teachers of Pre primary came together to celebrate the joyous occasion. It was a magical event filled with merriment and goodwill. The highlight of the celebration was the beautifully adorned Christmas tree, standing tall in the center of the school premises. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and the joy of giving – a perfect way to usher in the festive season and create lasting memories for everyone.

Lets take a quick glance.

Stem Activity at S.E.I (December-2023)

In an increasingly technology-driven world,STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are in high demand. Exposing students to STEM activities in school is essential for preparing them to thrive in a technology-driven world, fostering critical thinking, and addressing the challenges of the future.

Best Out of Waste at S.E.I (November-2023)

With the objective of bringing an understanding among the children about preserving the environment by reusing and recycling waste material , SEI organised Best Out Of Waste competition. The competition helped students in  showcasing their best ideas and efforts.

Lets take a quick glance.

Science Exhibition at S.E.I (November-2023)


SEI organised Science Exhibition that showcased the amazing scientific talents and discoveries of our students. Guided by their passion and curiosity, children created captivating exhibits, models and demonstrations that left everyone in awe. Here’s a sneek peek.

Lets take a quick glance.

Diwali Celebration at S.E.I (November-2023)

“Celebrating the Radiance :Diwali festivities illuminate SEIS “.
The diwali celebration at school often means a festive look with diyas and lanterns adoring the school, where our tiny tots wore a festive look with colourful dresses.
The name ‘Deepawali’ literally means an ‘array of light’.To make the students understand the importance of Diwali, Teachers explained the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil and hope over despair.Here are some glimpses of the celebration.

Lets take a quick glance.

Dussehra celebration Celebration at S.E.I (September-2023)

“May the truth always win and good triumph over evil.”

SEI celebrated the Dussehra festival on Saturday, 20th October 2023. Students of Pre-Primary were dressed up in traditional attire. A special cultural program was conducted by students, wherein the significance of the festival was reiterated through a skit followed by a dance performance. It was a memorable and enriching experience for students.

Have a quick glance through it.

Teacher's Day Celebration at S.E.I (September-2023)

“A teacher presents the past,reveals the present and creates the future.”

The teacher’s Day celebration took place on September 5-2023.The entire faternity of teachers was felicitated as a token of appreciation by the honourable management. The teachers were appreciated for their  sincere efforts in playing a catalytic role in the holistic development of every student.

A special show of dance and song was put on by the students as a token of love and respect. It was a remarkable day for all, with many unforgettable moments.

Let’s take a quick glance.

Prize Distribution Ceremony at S.E.I (September-2023)

“A winner never stops trying.”

Prize distribution was organised in SEI premises on 08/08023.

The honourable members of the management awarded the students of Pre-Primary and Primary with a ‘Star of the Month’ badge for the month of September.The best Reader and the Best Notebook awards were also conferred to the students of classes I-V. The faces of the students were shining after receiving the award.

Let’s take a quick glance.

Communication Skills Development Event at SEI (August-2023)

The art of communication is the language of leadership
Recognising that effective communication extends beyond spoken words, an engaging workshop on ‘Communication skills’. was organised for classes V-VIII at SEI premises.
The spokesperson ‘Mr Ranveer Singh Chauhan’enlightened students on how effective communication plays an important role in the personal and professional realms.The session was filled with a number of activities and group discussions. It helped empowered young mind to express themselves confidently and build meaningful connections”

Let’s take a quick glance.

Chandrayaan-3 Landing on Moon (August-2023)

SEI participated in the proud moment of Chandrayaan-3’s soft landing on the moon .There was huge excitement among the students. They were shown the soft landing of Chandrayan-3 through the projector . This mission inculcated a sense of national pride and ignited the minds of the students.

SEI wishes a successful landing and felicitates the scientists for their exceptional achievent.

Let’s take a quick glance.


Independence Day symbolises the celebration of wonderful years of freedom and recommits to the values of freedom, democracy, and equality. The celebration started with the flag-hosting ceremony by honorable dignitaries, and everyone stood tall to salute our tricolour and felt proud to sing the National Anthem.
A myriad of activities like fancy dress competitions, Shlok recitation competitions, basketball matches, frisbee matches, and food fiestas were organised. The event further exuberated with the cultural extravaganza.
It was a day of joy , a day to love and respect our country and experience freedom, peace, unity and diversity.

Let’s take a quick glance.


SEI organised “INVESTITURE Ceremony & Prize Distribution” on 28th July 2023.

The event commenced with the lamp lightning. The students of class 11 were conferred class representative batches by the honourable members of the management committee.

The winners in various fields such as Stand Up Competition, Best Book Review and Best Notebook Maintenance were awarded with medals and certificates for the month of July.
Star of the month batches were given to the students of Pre Primary and 1-to V.

Let’s take a quick glance.



A successful, informative, and interactive career counselling session was conducted on July 26,2023, by Laxmi Publication , a recognized brand in the education sector, for students of classes XI & XII. With a plethora of career options available in contemporary times , the role of career counselling session becomes indispensable. Accordingly, the session aimed at providing a specific realistic career options that are available to student.

The resource person team addressed queries raised by students. The session was immensely enriching and interesting.



On 26 & 27 June , students of SINGHANIA EDUCATIONAL INSTTITUE embarked on an exhilarating adventure, leaving behind their textbooks and classrooms for a thrilling day at the NILANSH WATER PARK . This much-anticipated school excursion promised a refreshing break from routine, fostering bonds among classmates and creating lasting memories. As the sun shone brightly overhead, the students eagerly prepared themselves for a day filled with laughter, adrenaline-pumping rides, and watery escapades.

Here are the glimpses of the thrilling event


Prize distribution @SEI

“The determination to win is the better part of winning”

On May 21, 2023, a “Prize Distribution Ceremony” was organised in SEI premises .

The winners in various fields such as English Recitation Competition, Solo Singing Competition, English Debate Competition, Tennikoit Tournament, Volleyball Tournament and Table Tennis Tournament winners were awarded with medals and certificates.

The awards were presented by honourable school management members.

Here are the glimpses of the event.


Fashion show of pre primary students with their mothers @ SEI

The Fashion Show of Pre-Primary Students with their Mothers promises to be an extraordinary event filled with love, imagination, and beauty.

SINGHANIA EDUCATIONAL INSTTITUE organised a fashion show for the pre primary students with their mothers on May 20 , 2023 in which the little ones radiated pure happiness as they walk the ramp alongside their mothers, making memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Here are the glimpses of the event .

Police Ki Pathshala At SEI (May 2023)

Police ki Pathshala

Singhanian Educational Institute organized a “POLICE KI PATHSHALA” event on May 18, 2023 under the guidance of Mr. Ghule Sushil Chandra, the Superintendent of Police of Sitapur City who raised awareness among students about their safety. The Supritendent of Police of Sitapur also informed the students that the police are always vigilant in protecting citizens and they can use the 112 helpline during emergencies. Students can use the women’s helpline 1090 for their own safety as well as for the safety of other women. Additionally, they were advised to use the 181 helpline for resolving domestic disputes. Along with providing information about these helplines, the students also had a conversation with Mr. Chandra where he addressed the questions asked by students during the program. The event aimed to familiarize the students with the functioning and responsibilities of the police and to raise awareness about the traffic rules. The Chairman of the school, Mr. O.P. Singhanian, the Vice Chairman, Mr. Ashish Singhanian, the Secretary, Mr. Parikshit Tripathi, were also present at the event.

Result of AISSE (Class-X) & AISSCE (Class-XII) 2022 – 23

“Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.”

As the CBSE declared its results on May 12, 2022, the day was filled with joy and satisfaction for the achievers of Singhania Educational Institute. The hard work of the students paid off and they achieved newer heights.

SEI has always been an institution inspiring students to perform the best in academics. It is a day of pride for the teachers and parents of outstanding students.

Congratulations to the achievers.



Robotics are beginning to cross that line from absolutely primitive motion to motion that resembles animal or human behavior.

Singhania Educational Institute organised a Robotics Session on May 6 , 2023 in the SEI premises.

Here are the glimpses of the event .

Fire Drill at Singhania Educational Institute (APRIL-2023)

_Fire Drill at Singhania Educational Institute_

A fire drill is a method of practicing how the students would be evacuated in the event of a fire or other emergencies.

On April 20 , a fire drill was performed by the students of SINGHANIA EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE in the presence of Honourable Fire evacuation team of Sitapur .

The officials guided the students about the steps that needs to be taken care of , in case any such unfortunate calamity takes place .


Singhania Educational Institute’s Founder’s Day

SINGHANIA EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE celebrated its 15th Founder’s Day, event on April 21 .

The function began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by Mr. Bharat Tripathi (Patron-in-Chief) , Mr. O.P. Singhania (Chairman SEI) and Mrs. Manju Singhania (Management Member) followed by a warm welcome by Mr. Ashish Singhania ( vice chairman SEI) and Mr. Parikshit Tripathi(Secratary SEI).

The Graduation Ceremony of the Pre- Primary students was the main attraction of the event.On this ocassion certificates of graduation was awarded to the toddlers for their successful completion of their tenure in pre- primary.
The event concluded with the School council members taking the oath of office that they will fulfil their responsibilities with dignity and respect



The school council elections were conducted in SEI premises on April 18, 2023, where students were nominated for the posts of Head Boy, Head Girl, Sports Captain, and House Captains. By exercising their right to vote, students of SEI have cast their votes for choosing a governing body that represents the students of the school as one.

Students from grades I to XII took an active part in the election process. Ballot boxes were used for vote casting to take place.

A sense of secrecy and respect for voting could be seen during the election process throughout.

Let’s take a quick glance at the democratic event

DeANTS Workshop (APRIL-2023)

De Ants Salutation Ceremony

After the conclusion of five day workshop in SEI premises , Salutation Ceremony took place in the Mapple Hall of Singhania Educational Institute to appreciate the efforts of the teachers who took part in the Workshop conducted by ” Mr. Tripat Mehrotra”.

The teacher were awarded with the certificate by Mr. Ashish Singhania (Chairman SEI) post completion of the workshop.

Here are the glimpses of the Workshop

10th Singhania Open Badminton Tournament (MARCH 2023)

The 10th Edition of Singhania Open Badminton Tournament 2023 was held on March 29th and 30th, in the SEI premises under the patronage of Mr. Ashish Singhania (Chairman Organising Committee , Chairman Round table India , President Sitapur Olympic Association , President Sitapur Handball Association) .It was a 2 day event and many participants turned up. There were 13 Boy’s Doubles , 28 Boy’s Singles , 3 Veteran Singles , 14 Men’s Singles , 3 Boys Kids , 5 Women’s Singles , 12 Men’s Doubles 2 Women’s Doubles , taking part in the event.
The event was a great success as the participants came in huge numbers and with greater enthusiasm. There is a saying, “Practice makes a man perfect”. The same was seen in most of the players who participated. It was a wonderful display of talent. They took up the challenge and gave their best when it mattered the most. The office bearers were enthusiastic and very keen to manage the event. There were some nail-biting finishes. The crowd lightened up the event. Huge crowd gathered to support the contestants. They weren’t disappointed as they got to experience some wonderful display of talent.

Scholar Award Ceremony & Parent's Orientation Program (MARCH-2023)

Recognition is a reward in itself. Any form of appreciation, even a small word, is important.

To acknowledge the academic performance of our students, “Annual Result Ceremony” of Singhania Educational Institute held on 21 March 2023 to appreciate and celebrate the achievements of our students in academics .

Here the students who succeeded in attaining full attendance were rewarded with secretary award and the students who have done exceptionally well in academics and triumphed by topping their section were awarded with scholar’s award.

Here is the list of the recipients of the awards :

Scholar’s award
Class 1st – Krisha Daruka (1st B)
Class 2nd – Rudra Awasthi (2nd B)
Class 3rd – Arna Daruka (3rd B)
Class 4th – Kushagra Agrawal (4th B)
Class 5th – Yash Raj (5th A)

Secretary award
1. Arya Vikram (1st B)
2. Atharv Pratap Singh (3rd B).


Holi is the most awaited festival of the year. It is the festival of colours which symbolizes the spark of happiness all around.

Here are the glimpses of Holi celebration at Singhania Educational Institute as the little champs from SEI danced , sang and played with colours .


The starting point of all achievement is desire. If one has the desire to succeed, one surely will.

With this in mind and to boost the morale of the students, ” SINGHANIA EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE” held its Annual Athlete Meet Prize Distribution Ceremony on March 4,2023 in the school premises. It was the time to applaud and reward the students for their sincere efforts during the Athlete Meet. The school honoured all its winners for having attained a sterling record in the field of athletics .

The event commenced with the arrival of Chief Guest Mr. O.P. Singhania(Chairman SEI group) and Mr. Parikshit Tripathi (Secratary SEI group).

The Chief guests motivated the winners to go ahead to achieve their heart’s desire –whatever that may be. They went on to remind the students to continue to uphold the values that are such an integral part of the institution. They appreciated the efforts put in by the students and the faculty for their overall performances and wished for them to come through with flying colours in future too.

Here are the glimpses of the show.


Health is important and being healthy should be part of our overall lifestyle
Keeping this adage in mind and being aware of the significance of the equilibrium between academics and health. Singhania Educational Institute, Sitapur is organizing two days free medical checkup camp for its students dated February 24, 2023 & February 27, 2023.

This initiative is crebating consciousness among students that feeling good about self and taking care of health are imperative for self-esteem. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by doing what is right for our body is the most important deed.

Furthermore, this ingenuity will help prevention of chronic diseases and long-term illnesses.


For Achieving a greater hight in the career ,it demands an end of the remarkable journey in the Institution . SEI bade a farewell on 11 Feb 2023 , to class 12 th students and wished them to set Goals high and always dream big.



74rd Republic day celebration took place with patriotic fervor and zest at SEI premises.
The celebration begin with the flag hoisting ceremony by honourable dignitaries Mr.O.P Singhania (Chairman SEI group),Mr. Parikshit Tripathi (Secretary SEI group) and Mrs. Manju Singhania (honorable member management family).The show further proceeded with the cultural and patriotic performances by the kids of various sections. An “Interhouse Sports Quiz” was conducted amongst different houses of the institute followed by food fiesta.The day was filled with the hues of patriotism
The day concluded with the vote of thanks by our respected Principal sir.
Let’s quickly take a glance through the enthusiastic day.


The third session of the DeAnts Workshop was taken further from January 9,2023 to January 13,2023 based on the topic ” DISC Communication ” at SEI premises.
The spokesperson “Mr.Tripat Mehrotra ” through various role plays and activities beautifully elaborated the importance of good communication to the faculty members of SEI and ONGC Community School.
Session concluded with the distribution of certificates.
Let’s peep in through the workshop.


SEI witnessed an extravaganza of events at the annual function on December 21,2022 based on the theme “NAVARASA”.The nine emotions were beautifully displayed through magnificent sequence of audio visual delight.The show commenced with arrival of honourable chief guest Mr.Kiran DM (CEO ONGC foundation),Mr.Bharat Tripathi (Patron SEI group),Mr.OP Singhania (Chairman SEI group),Mr.Ashish Singhania (Vice-Chairman SEI group) and Parikshit Tripathi (Secretary SEI group) along with honourable members of management family followed by Tilak and lamp lighting ceremony.
Singhania Educational Institute celebrated its annual function with tremendous celebration including dance dramas,musical representations and dance performances.The welcome address by Mrs.Megha Singhania (Member management family) energized the whole aura with her words of wisdom.The Chief Guest on this momentous occasion gave away the prizes to the meritorious students and boosted the confidence of the students with his phenomenal speech.The tiny tots of the Pre-primary wing rejuvenated everyone with their emerging performances.The annual function ended with a vote of thanks speech by our principal Mr. Harish Chaudhary and the prospectus for session 2022,23 was unveiled by our honourable management.The show concluded on the blissful note with cheers and applauds for the immense efforts of students.


Christmas is the festival of sharing and giving. It is the eve of Santa Clause.Christmas celebration took place at SEI premises on December 24,2022 where children from pre-primary wing came dressed in red and white party dresses to celebrate the delightful festival.The school wore a festive look with bells, streamers and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.The essence of Christmas came alive when Santa Clause himself went into the classes.
It was surely a day to remember and joy was amply visible on the faces of the children.

Let’s take a quick glance on the festive celebration.


“Every child is a different kind of flower that all together make this world a beautiful garden.”
The “Children’s Day” celebration at SEI began with the special assembly dedicated to students by the teachers.The assembly was followed by Principal sir’s address highlighting the significance of this day.
It was a fun filled day for the students as the day included drawing competition,cricket matches,movie show ,cultural performances and the campus was buzzing with excitement and joy.The day ended on a blissful note.
Here are the glimpses of the celebration.


“Education without skills is meaningless.”
A workshop based on “Life skills for education ” was conducted by the resource person Dr. Pallavi Chandel and her team presented by S.Chand Publications on November 12,2022 at SEI premises. All the teachers participated in the workshop and drew maximum benefit out of it, the session began with an ice breaker activity that enabled participants to understand the real objective of an elaborated session on inculcating Life Skill. Each participant was asked thought provoking questions and was also engaged in interesting activities to create a perfect ambience to extract maximum out of the training Session.
SEI is always committed to organize such kind of Session at the campus for teachers on a regular basis.


Singhania Educational Institute, celebrated clean and green Diwali with festive gusto on October22,2022. The day was celebrated by the students of Pre-primary wing. Students learnt the significance of the festival and the relevance of eco-friendly celebrations.

Students felt happy to cherish the day.
Let’s take a glance through the celebration.


The festival of Dussehra was celebrated by Pre-primary students on October 3,2022 at SEI premises. Dussehra is a major Indian festival which also signifies the triumph of good over the evil.Children came dressed in ethnic attires and they took turns to perform act as a portion of the great epic, the Ramayana.
This “Dussehra celebration” was informative for the children. It indeed was a day filled with much excitement.

Here are the glimpses of the celebration.


“Man becomes great exactly in the degree in which he works for the welfare of his fellow -men”
–Mahatma Gandhi
Warm wishes on Gandhi Jayanti to everyone from SEI School Family ✨


“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself. ”
The ‘DeAnts Workshop’ was organized at landmark premises where the sessions on “how to be a mentor” were taken by the felicitator, Mr. Tripat Mehrotra for the entire teaching fraternity of SEI. The workshop commenced on September 14,2022 and concluded on September 19,2022.The sessions were worth learning the concept of mentorship.

Here are the glimpses of the workshop.


“The influence of good teacher lasts forever.”

The teacher’s day celebration took place at SEI premises on September 5,2022 with full endeavour.

The entire fraternity of teachers was facilitated by token of appreciation from the worthy management Mr.Parikshit Tripathi (Secretary SEI group) and Mrs.Megha Singhania (Honourable Member of SEI group).

The show concluded with the vote of thanks from respected Principal Sir. The whole event ended on a blissful note.

Here are the glimpses of the celebration.

#teachersday #teachersdaycelebrations #school #education #SEI #Sitapur


Independence Celebration took place at SEI with great enthusiasm and fervour.
Students performed various activities from singing patriotic songs to dancing on the patriotic music created the aura of nationalism.
Indeed, it was a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country and make it a better place for Indians to live and experience the freedom, peace and Unity in Diversity.
Here are the glimpses of the celebration.


Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated on August 16, 2022 with full fervor as SEI hosted traditional festivities.
Students of pre-primary wing came dressed as Lord Krishna and Radha. Jhanki of Krishna with the peacock wing at the top made hearts of tiny tots beating with joy and ecstasy. Later, children danced to enchanting songs of Krishna.
Let’s take a quick insight into the festive aura.


“Democracy is based upon the conviction that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people.”
The school council elections were conducted in SEI premises on July 23, 2022 where students were nominated for the posts of Head Boy, Head Girl, Sports Captain and House Captains. By exercising their right to vote, students of SEI have casted their votes for choosing a governing body which represents the students of the school as one.
Students from grade I to XII took an active part in the election process. Ballot boxes were used for vote casting to take place.
A sense of secrecy and respect for voting could be seen during the election process throughout.


SEI organized Investiture Ceremony on July 31, 2022 where students received their badges for the prefectorial council of the school for the academic year 2022-23.
The ceremony commenced by invoking God’s blessings followed by a welcome address for honourable dignitaries Mr. O.P. Singhania and (Chairman SEI group) and Mr. Parikshit Tripathi (Secretary SEI group).
The show proceeded on by applauding and rewarding the students for their sincere efforts in the month of July for which students were awarded with medals and certificates.The event gradually started to blossom as the children from various classes sparkled the ceremony with their dance performances.
The students of class 11th were given away Class Representative badges and ‘Star Performers for the Month’ for classes Pre-primary and (I to V )of July were introduced to the audience.The ceremony concluded with vote of thanks given by the Principal sir and show ended in a bliss.
Let’s have glimpses of the scintillating show.


“Founder’s Day holds traditional importance in the calendar of prestigious institution.”
The event is organised to commemorate the day when the foundation of the magnanimous institution was laid.An aura of celebration filled Singhania Educational Institute when the students and teachers gathered to celebrate the 14th “Founder’s Day” on April 21,2022.
The event commenced with the welcoming of our Chief Guests followed by Lamp lighting and graceful prayer dance by the little angels.
An extravaganza of cultural activities was conducted. The school choir filled the Maple Hall with the melody of their voice. The beauty of the event enhanced with breathtaking performances by the boys group.The girls dressed up in beautiful attires presented a “Garba” performance symbolizing cultural integrity.
The show proceeded on with Graduation Ceremony of tiny tots of pre-primary wing followed by Investiture Ceremony where students were given away with badges of class representative and house prefects. The prestigious awards were given to the students in different verticals of the school including the Vice-Chairman Award given to Shubham Chaudhary for adding laurels to the institution and Principal Award given to Diksha Singh(Emerald House) for her extraordinary performance in sports.”Sapphire House” backed the Chairman Award for being victorious in the session 2021-22.
The event concluded with the mesmerizing fusion dance and motivational speeches by our Guest of Honours Mr. Bharat Tripathi (Former MLC,Sitapur),Mr O.P. Singhania (Chairman of SEI group),Mr. Ashish Singhania (Vice-Chairman of SEI group) and Mr. Parikshit Tripathi (Secretary of SEI group) along with vote of thanks proposed by Mr. Harish Chaudhary (Principal of SEI group) to the Chief Guest on behalf of the entire school.
The scintillating show ended with the National Anthem as the august gathering experienced a joyous Founder’s Day celebration at Singhania Educational Institute.