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Activities are the third dimension of education. It develops skills and are result oriented. The students are required to take one activity for the year.

  1. Public Speaking & Debate Club
  2. English Theater & Dramatics Club
  3. Taekwando Club
  4. Science Club
  5. Quiz Club
  6. Maths Club
  7. Photography Club
  8. Golf Club
  9. STEM Education Club
  10. Coding Club
  11. Artificial Intelligence Club
  12. Robotics Club

Note:- The list of activities in case of pre-primary wing will be sent to the parents separately.


* Medal will be given to individual winner

Month Pre-Primary Class I-XII
April Red Colour Day Celebration Food Fiesta, Sandwich Day Seed Germination Activity/Rain Dance
FIT India Movement-Free Hand Exercise,Story Telling Session-Prep
English Recitation (I to IV) Hindi Calligraphy/Graduation Ceremony Rongoli & Mehandi Competition (Founder’s Day),Field Trip(Educational)-Class VIII,Counselling Session-Class IX,Excursion Trip-Class III
May Food Fiesta – Salad Making Vanmahotsav – Save our Environment Hindi Rhyme Recitation/Fashion Show (with Mother) FIT India Movement – Free Hand Exercise,Story Telling Session-Nursery English Debate, Hindi Solo Singing Competition,Field Trip (Educational)-Class VII, Counselling Session-Class X, Excursion Trip-Class II
July Yellow Colour Day Celebration,
Food Fiesta-Fruit Chart Party, Mask MakingActivity/Pyjama Party/Fun Races,Story Telling Session-PG
English Story Telling Competition(I-IV) Witticism/Stand Up Comedy Competition, Investiture Ceremony,Field Trip (Educational)-Class VI,Counselling Session-Class XII,Excursion Trip-Class-I
August Pink Colour Day Celebration,
Food Fiesta -Tomato Soup Party,
Fancy Dress – Patriotic Theme,
Swachahta Pakhwada,
FIT India Movement – Free Hand Exercise,Excursion Trip-Pre-Primary
Fancy Dress Competition – Patriotic, Shlokas Recitation Competition, Science Quiz Competition,Field Trip (Educational)-Class V,Counselling Session-Class XI,Story Telling Session-Class-I
September Orange Colour Day Celebration,
Kitchen Garden in School,
Story Time with props,
English Rhyme Recitation / Fun Races
Field Trip (Educational)-Class IX,Counselling Session-Class VII,Story Telling Session-Class-II
October Green Colour Day Celebration,Laxmi Puja,
Fashion Show (with father),Garden Visit,
FIT India Movement – Free Hand Exercise
English Calligraphy, Social Science, Ouiz Competition, Canvas Painting Competition,Field Trip (Educational)-Class X,Counselling Session-Class VI,Story Telling Session Class-III
November Road Safety Pakhwada,
Fancy Dress Traditional Attire,Fun Races
Science Exhibition,
Best out of Waste,Field Trip (Educational)-Class XI,Story Telling Session-Class-V
December Blue Colour Day Celebration
Anmol Vachan Competition/Church Visit
FIT India Movement – Free Hand Exercise
Sports Quiz Competition,Field Trip (Educational)-Class XII,Story Telling Session-Class-IV
Febuary Saraswati Puja,
Fashion Show (with Grand Parents),
Collage Making Competition,Fun Races
Book Review Presentation,Field Trip (Educational)-Class IV,Story Telling Session-Class VI