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Admission Policy

Document Required 
2+ Year 
3+ Year 
4+ Year 
Photo – 3 No. 
Birth Certificate 
Class – I 
5+ Year 
Photo – 3 No. 
Birth Certificate / Transfer Certificate 
School Report Card (Previous Class) 
Class – II 
6+ Year 
Class – III 
7+ Year 
Class – IV 
8+ Year 
Class – V 
9+ Year 
Class – VI 
10+ Year 
Class – VII 
11+ Year 
Class – VIII 
12+ Year 
Class – IX 
13+ Year 
Class – X 
14+ Year 
Photo – 3 No. 
Birth Certificate / Transfer Certificate 
School Report Card 
Character Certificate 
Registration No. issued by CBSE 
Class – XI 
15+ Year 
Photo – 3 No. 
Birth Certificate / Transfer Certificate 
School Report Card (Previous Class) 
Character Certificate 
Class – XII 
16+ Year 
Photo – 3 No. 
Birth Certificate / Transfer Certificate 
School Report Card 
Character Certificate 
Registration No. issued by CBSE 
  1. You fully understand that the school on accepting the registration of word is not in any way bound to grand admission as the admission is purely based on an availability of seats. You also understand that the decision of the principal regarding admission will be final and binding on me.
  2. In the event of your ward being selected for admission, you will have no objection to the school medical officer giving inoculation against Typhoid & Cholera to my child from year to year.
  3. You have made careful note of various details regarding the payment of school fees. You have made satisfactory arrangement for remittance of school fee within due dates without waiting for a reminder from the school. Withdrawal of students after remittance of a full fee would be the sole discretion of the guardian. You fully understand that the fee will not be refunded.
  4. You hereby certify that the Date of Birth and spellings of the name of my child/ward given in this form are correct to the best of my knowledge and you will not make any request for a change.
  5. You hereby certify that in case you do not claim the caution money paid by me for a period of 3 years after my ward leaves the school, the amount may be treated as a donation to the school and my right over refund of this amount will stand relinquished by me.
  6. The school is not liable whatsoever for any injury or mishappening to the student inside as well as outside school premises.
  7. School transport is optional facility provided by the school for the convenience of the parents and in no way the school can be held responsible for any mishappening or otherwise.
  8. Parents constant changing preferences of their ward’s bus route and due to time constraints, at moments, school vehicles may have to accommodate more students than actual capacity.
  9. You understand that rendering false or misleading information or withholding correct information may disqualify the child for admission/education at the school.
  10. Fees collection schedule is subject to change without prior notice.
  11. You certify that You are bonafide parents/guardian of the child.
  12. Having Read carefully the rules, regulations, and procedures laid down in the school prospectus and being desirous of having my child/ward educated in SINGHANIA EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE. You hereby agree to abide by them in all respects. You understand the decision of the management of the school shall be final and binding on me.
  13. You certify that your ward and yourself will follow the rules, regulations, and procedures laid down by the school from time to time.
  14. You will submit all the required documents needed(if already not submitted) for admission within one week of the admission.