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Teachers’ Tabs & GPS Bus Tracking System Partner

  • School Bus Track – School can trace the location of the school bus and hence will be able to track their children while going to and coming back from school.
  • Easy Self Attendance – Teachers can mark themselves present on their tabs just by clicking. Need not to rush into biometric scanner or attendance register. Also the exact entry time will be recorded.
  • Easy Class Attendance – All the class teachers can take their class attendance on their tabs. It will save time and effort. Also the real reason for absence will be obtained directly from the parent.
  • Dynamic Time Table & Calendar – Teachers will have their own dynamic time table on their tabs which will be updated with a to-do list of what to teach in what class and also notify about substitutions and arrangement classes. They can also see the yearly calendar and plan their leaves and activities accordingly.
  • Year Planner – Management can create a year planner for the school and update it anytime. If required. All the holiday related notices etc will be automatically sent according to the year planner.

Advantages of ADD-Ed School

  1. Real time tracking of classes and student’s activities.
  2. Technologically advanced communication methods.
  3. Improved learning environment.
  4. School cost cutting through reduced stationary and uses.
  5. Competitive advantage over other school.
  6. Higher than ever parent satisfaction.


  1. Instant problem identification in subjects with the help of assessment.
  2. Personalized corrective measures to improve learning.
  3. Reduced stress of getting higher marks.
  4. Quizzes on various topics for enhanced knowledge.
  5. Access of class notes on the app.
  6. Guide to prepare each topic before the start of the session.


  1. Detailed class performance report after completion of every topic.
  2. Improved class performance due to enhanced individual attention.
  3. Advanced teaching strategies and teaching aids.
  4. Focused attention on weak students.
  5. Hassle free attendance marker.
  6. Session planner guide for all the subjects.