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  • Improves teacher effectiveness    and productivity in class
  • It brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life inside classrooms.
  •  Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students
  • Improves academic performance of students.
  • Enables instant formative assessment of learning outcomes in class.
  • It also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class.
  • Provision of digital content mapped to schools syllabus
  • All hardware , equipment and accessories – installation and maintenance.
  • Initial and ongoing training of teachers.
  • Day to day support and monitoring of usage.
  • Full time manpower deployed in school to assist absorption


  • 5s Teaching Experiential Learning Method-AIM,ACTION,ANALYSIS,APPLICATION,ASSESSMENT
  • Writing & Practice Foucs :-  Students practice writing every day in notebook/workbook and complete practice questions in content book.
  • HOTS Focus :- New worksheets and HOTS flagged questions in the content book helps students to develop Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), which are necessary to succeed in any professional field.
  • Age Appropriate :- 5-step edition provides simple to use Formative and Summative Assessment tools for the entire year.
  • Personal Attention :– Differentiation tips and regular assessment of skills and concepts give the teacher an effective way to give each student personalized attention.
  • Time :- Learning Plans are shorter and easier to complete.
  • Resource :- Resource materials are easier and more manageable.
  • Flexibility :- Each Subject is better organized around 25 learning block. Each block provides learning for a week and gives teacher flexibility to plan the fifth day
  • Tips : Activity :- related tips and differentiation tips help teachers to adapt their teaching style to the needs of students. Differentiation tips give the teacher an effective way to reach children who need extra help or extra challenge.

English Language Lab (Orell)

  • Better Attention:- The Lab software is more attention enthralling for the students, where they are engaged with individual systems.
  • Comprehensive quickly:- The Lab increases the pace of comprehension as students coaching is purely based on the level of study.
  • Effective learning :- The lab provides to learn the foreign language practice in a focused setting that eliminates the feelings of self-consciousness.
  • Focus Veracity :- By using text, audio and video can easily be integrated with actuality in every day situations.
  • Guide the group :- It is easy to guide the groups by monitoring each student independently without disturbing the others students.
  • Have the self evaluation :- the students can do a periodical self evaluation to measure the progress as well as evaluate his/her language with that of the expert.
  • Independent learning :- access to resources beyond the timetable encourages independent learning.
  • Kaput the fear :- The automated learning environment removes one’s fear and creates a happy learning situation. Learn the need: The lab fulfills the need of the learner that is learning the language skills in an effective way.