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Singhania Educational Institute – Absence

Welcome to Singhania Educational Institute, where excellence in education meets holistic development!

At Singhania Educational Institute, we believe in nurturing young minds and empowering them to achieve their fullest potential. Our institution is committed to providing high-quality education that not only focuses on academic excellence but also fosters personal growth and character development.

Minimum Attendance Requirement: 75% (Mandatory)

At Singhania Educational Institute, attendance is not just a formality but an essential aspect of the learning process. We firmly believe that regular attendance plays a crucial role in a student’s academic success and overall development. Therefore, we have set a minimum attendance requirement of 75%, which is mandatory for all students.

Students are expected to attend classes regularly and actively participate in all academic and extracurricular activities. Consistent attendance ensures that students stay engaged with their coursework, interact with their peers, and benefit from the guidance of our experienced faculty members.

Why Attendance Matters:

1. Academic Success: Regular attendance enhances students’ understanding of course material, enables them to stay up-to-date with assignments and exams, and ultimately improves their academic performance.

2. Holistic Development: Beyond academics, attending classes allows students to develop essential skills such as time management, discipline, and responsibility, which are vital for their future success.

3. Community Engagement:  Active participation in classes fosters a sense of belonging and community among students, creating a supportive learning environment where everyone can thrive.

Attendance Monitoring and Support:

Our institute employs various mechanisms to monitor student attendance, including digital attendance systems and periodic audits. In case of any concerns or difficulties, students are encouraged to communicate with their teachers or academic advisors for guidance and support.


At Singhania Educational Institute, we prioritize the holistic development of our students, and regular attendance is fundamental to achieving this goal. We encourage all students to embrace the opportunity for growth and excellence that comes with consistent attendance and active participation in all aspects of their educational journey.

Thank you for choosing Singhania Educational Institute as your partner in education. Together, let’s embark on a fulfilling and enriching learning experience!

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